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Hey all,

Author Tessa Dawn just did an interesting post on her blog about the distinction between Dark Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance. I think it’s interesting for those of us writing in those genres–especially if you’re on the edge between two of them or writing in more than one. Thought I’d share if anyone was interested.

Read her post here.

Something about Tessa’s post got me thinking about writing in multiple genres. I work on manuscripts in different genres. I’ve written YA and am currently working on a paranormal romance. I know some writers use different pen names for both, but it’s hard enough to keep up with one blog/ fb&twitter account/ website. Based on what I’ve read, the common path is to have a different name for different genres (thinking Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb).

Still, there are writers who use the same name and have written for both teens and adults. Melissa Marr, who’s written YA up to this point, is coming out with an adult novel (Graveminder–comes out in May and looks like a delicious read). A number of writers of adult fiction have come out with YA novels. So my inclination (for the moment) is to write under the same name.

At this point, I figure I’m a long way off from having to worry about that, so I’m just plugging away, word by word. Have any of you had similar musings? Have you come to any conclusions?

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