Recap of my “write-cation”:

Okay, so write-cation is my awkward-looking little word for vacation. It’s sorta like a staycation, but with a twist.

See, the whole idea behind a staycation is that you take a vacation but stay at home. Now, personally, I find it challenging. I don’t exactly live in a big city, and living in a small town means that you run out of things to do fairly quickly, and there isn’t much within driving distance. Add to that my restless tendencies and, you know, staycation is not exactly in my nature.

But write-cation, that I can do. So I took a week off from the day job to focus on finishing my current WIP. The target word count was 95,000 words. Now, I’m at 96,000 words. (I wrote about 4,000 words/day Tuesday-Friday, 1,500 on Monday.) But, alas, Blake and Zoe’s story is not done. I figure the draft I’m working on (2.4) will be slightly over 100,000 words. So, a little longer than expected, but not bad for a second draft.

So I’m considering my write-cation a success. Hopefully Saturday and Sunday I can finish up the remaining scenes. I also have some scenes earlier in the story that I need to revise to reflect some world changes that I made as I was writing. And then a big chunk of the story is going to my awesome-o critique partners, Kathleen Foucart and Amelia Ross.

Next week, I’m back to my regular work schedule, but I’m excited to start the revision process. Yeah, I can’t help it. I like revising. It’s the editor in me.

I have a few smaller works in progress that have been on hold and a couple of ideas for novellas that are begging to be written. Well, not so much begging as demanding. My fall teaching schedule will make it tough to pump out any large chunks of writing, but I see a lot of revision work in my future.

4 thoughts on “Recap of my “write-cation”:

  1. That’s some writing marathon! And a massive word-count. (Do we spell wordcount this way or with the hyphen? This one’s been nagging for years…) Well done, however you/we spell it!

    A while back, I was working at a pace similar to the one you describe; I know how that energy creates it’s own momentum. Day after day the only thing that mattered was the words. At some point it ceased being about the count; all that mattered was getting the words on the page. My flat turned into a way station & anyone who made it through the door was invited to carve a message in the dust on the furniture!

    Although I’m officially taking a break before I begin what I hope will be the final revision, I’m sneaking in now & then. A tweak here & there. I am however, determined to use the ‘enforced’ break usefully. Let the book settle & come back to it with a fresh eye.

    Happy days & may your muse be with you!

  2. Thanks. As to whether we spell word count with a hyphen or not, I still haven’t figured that one out. 😉

    Good luck with your final revisions! I’ll need to take a break from this project at some point–as you said, then I can return to it with a fresh eye.

  3. Sounds like a successful ‘cation to me – congratulations.

    I’m a big fan of the revision process too – I’ve just emerged from an unexpected revision of an old adult novel of mine, and it was glorious fun!

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