Welcome to my new WP blog:

Post No. 1: I’m opening my new WordPress blog with an introduction to myself and my work. Upcoming posts will discuss paranormal romance novels, publishing, and writing, and contain periodic updates on my work.

What I’m doing:

I’m currently an aspiring paranormal romance and fantasy author. I’m especially interested in the fae, magic, witches, and world mythologies, but there’s no telling what rabbit holes I’ll follow my characters down. My fiction runs the gamut from short stories to novellas to full-length novels.

Why I’m doing it:

My goal is to write stories that engage people, books you can’t put down because you love the characters too much to walk away from them. If you miss the characters when you close the book, I’ll know I’ve done justice to both the readers and the characters. I spend a lot of time revising and revising and revising and–well you get the drift–because I believe that a well-written novel comes with dedication to the story, the craft, and the characters. I have a sometimes unhealthy relationship with commas (i.e., I think about them way more than I should.)

I currently have a full-length novel, a novella, and a couple of shorter works in progress.

In the coming weeks, this blog will fill up with more information, more features, and more design elements, so please stop by periodically and see what new stuff I’ve added. And if you have a blog or can recommend one you like, please post a comment.

I love modern technology’s ability to connect us, and I’m absolutely excited when anyone takes a moment in their busy schedule to pause and read my work. I love meeting and talking with people who are as passionate about books as I am.

Other stuff:

I formerly blogged over at LJ (http://janellemadigan.livejournal.com). I will keep people updated if I will continue that journal in addition to this one, but my WP blog will be my primary one now. I hope to continue cross-posting because there are some really awesome people on LJ I want to keep in touch with. In any event, I’ll continue reading their blogs! (So never fear LJ peeps!)

So that’s my intro. What’s yours? Do you write? Do you read? What books do you love? What makes you tick?

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