Hyacinths and celebrating the magic of spring:

Spring is here, tentatively, minus a weekend of dreary weather and this morning’s freakish snow. For once, I actually didn’t mind seeing those snowflakes too much, probably because by the end of the week, it will be April, and I’ll be one step closer to sandals, sundresses, and the magic of springtime.

My ritual for Ostara was simple, but I did bless these flowers (see photo below) in the name of the goddess, wanting their blooms to be a reminder of the healing power of nature and of the season of rebirth. I dedicated the then-closed blooms in honor of Persephone and Ostara (one, a woman who lives in both the Underworld and the world of the living, a vegetation goddess and reminder of the rebirth following darkness; the other,a fertility goddess whose name later became associated with the Christian holiday Easter). I thought of the sadness and hurting going on in the world, and I sent out energy of love and healing. A photo of my new spring blooms and the remainder of this entry are posted below this cut: